About BHR

Becton Healthcare Resources, Inc. (BHR) is a leader and one of the most respected behavioral health management companies in the nation.

Founded in 1999 by President and Chief Executive Officer Neisha Becton, M.A., Becton Healthcare Resources, Inc. has built an impressive record of achievement and performance. BHR has steadily grown from a startup company into now over a decade of providing healthcare management services to Medical Groups, Hospitals, Regional Centers and Community Health Care Organizations.

BHR was formed in response to meet an immediate need within the mental health community. We were able to design longstanding services and develop cost-effective outcome oriented healthcare delivery systems as health care costs have rapidly escalated throughout the last two decades. In the field of mental health care, attention has focused on reducing the cost of treatment significantly without sacrificing quality of care. BHR understands this challenge and provides healthcare organizations with innovative health systems that will enhance patient care, quickly identify the needs of their clients and utilize resources more efficiently.

Our commitment is to remain competitive by giving our customers exactly what they need in the most cost effective manner. BHR designs customized contracts for healthcare organizations that can manage and/or assist with any outpatient behavioral health care service need. Our organization is committed to offering high quality management services to our customers to ensure that excellent care is given to all patients.

The company’s success is contributed to: A focused effort on implementing and delivering innovative systems and services while the healthcare industry continues to evolve, then aligning ourselves with employees who are committed to providing better care to individuals within the communities in which they reside and work. BHR continues to strive in improving services and customer satisfaction within the communities that we serve.

For an example, a project was completed in early 2015 to provide a more state of the art centralized call center product line that will allow our customers to meet their patient needs. Another project is underway that will help enhance quality of care by receiving immediate patient feedback on all services being rendered. Both new projects will allow BHR to collect more timely data, track additional outcomes and assist healthcare organizations in improving patient safety that will allow physicians and staff members to work more effectively.

BHR continues to believe that outpatient services will remain a very important part of the nation’s healthcare delivery system as direct result of the need for all healthcare providers to offer more cost effective treatment in the years to come. We will continue to emphasize innovation in our response to rapid changes in regulatory trends and market conditions.

Becton Healthcare Resources, Inc. is headquartered in Pleasanton, California.